Your AI sales team that knows 341 million people

HazelBase gives an AI extensive sales training, research tools, and a massive organization database for precision-targeted research and cold emailing.

HazelBase is a
next generation sales driver

Look up almost anyone

Search billions of records with just an email address, phone number, social media profile, and more. Available via a website dashboard, integrations, and an API.

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Know who's visiting your website

Improve your sales efforts by adding a simple code snippet to your website that allows HazelBase to de-anonymized and reveal the identities of companies visiting your site.

With this information, we can prioritize your outbound sales efforts on companies that have already demonstrated interest and are likely to become valuable customers.

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Look up company data

Discover valuable insights about any company with HazelBase's firmographic data lookup. Find out the employee count, revenue, and other important details about businesses to inform your sales and marketing strategies.

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Use the same data that powers our AI, from fighting fraud to enriching CRMs

The billions of data records on the HazelBase platform power countless uses for individuals and organizations.

Identify Spam Calls

Identify spam calls and protect your self and your time.

Prevent Fraud

Protect yourself from multiple forms of fraud at any scale.

Verify Contact Information

Verify contact information to ensure you are talking to the right person.

Enrich Data

Enrich your data with additional information to make better decisions.

Improve Outbound Sales

Improve your outbound sales by knowing more about your prospects and how to best contact them.

Optimize Your AI Models

Improve the accuracy of your AI models by training them with our real-world data.

Identity Resolution

Identify and resolve identities across multiple data sources and create a single view.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with your customers and prospects by knowing more about them.

Ethics and Privacy

Organizing the world's individual and organization profiles, ethically

We are building the world’s largest platform of individual and organization profiles. We are doing this ethically by leveraging public and reliable data, while also constantly evolving how our AI Agents explore and access data.


We have worked to enhance our products, processes, and procedures to ensure our practices are GDPR-compliant.


We are compliant under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and works with our customers on any CCPA considerations.

Bank-Level Security

We use bank-level security to keep your data, and all data on the platform, safe and secure.

Access the next generation of sales.

Access your own AI sales team that constantly evolves to drive better results, powered by billions of data records.

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